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Big Bang 2016

UK Sportsman ET Drag Racing Team

Published - 28th April 2016

50 Shades of Racing ( were out again with both cars at the Big Bang Camper and Bus show, Kirstie again in the green Camaro and myself in the red Camaro. After a rained off Festival of Power, both of us were still very eager to flex our respective car's muscles in eliminations, just hopefully not against each other in the first round! 

Qualifying was a very mixed bag with my car having some interesting gearbox shifting issues on Saturday. Kirstie managed a brilliant .006 light in the first round of qualifying and ended up 10th in the order, while I fell much further down but both of us still running several PBs, just not when we wanted to. An alternator failing in my car on Sunday also threw a large spanner into the works, thanks again to Jamie at CM Frosts ( Tel: 01933 225466) of Wellingborough for opening up on Sunday to help get the car going again. 

Come eliminations, Kirstie paired up against number one qualifier Stephen Cherrett in the 'S-Car-Go' Vauxhall Astra, and although a close race to the stripe, Kirstie sadly broke out handing the win over to Stephen. 
I met Sportsman ET newcomer Harley Smithies in his Peugeot 206 in round one. Harley pulled a .199 light verses my .019, meeting him half way down the track and having a very interesting side by side race to the line which was a little too close for comfort, only winning by .010 seconds at the finish line. 
Round two saw me pair up against Felicity Gibbs in the Lil Miss Rampage Mustang, having seen my light in the previous race she knew she had to pull something out of the bag, sadly her light was a .029 red, handing me the win on the startline. I then ran a new PB of 13.38 giving me an idea of what to dial-in for the next round. 
Round three saw me pair up against rival Jemma Hale in her Supra. After losing in the Finals to Jemma at the end of last year, I really wanted to get one back over the Redneck racer, but it wasn't to be. She pulled a cracking light against my .22, and although I managed to get to the stripe first by .001 (2.29 inches), sadly I was the wrong side of my dial-in handing her the win on a breakout.

Overall the weekend was a great learning experience for both of us in the cars. It really has us ready to roll into Shakespeare County Raceway for the Springspeed Nationals where once again Kirstie and I will be competing. 

It all wouldn't have been at all possible without a lot of help from other teams in the Sportsman ET pits, notably Alan and Gillian Medley for the loan of a power pack on Sunday 'just in case', Nick and Nigel Hale of Redneck racing for loaning a battery charger and also doing a dash to CM Frosts to pick up the new alternator. I'd also like to thank Georgie and Mike Smith who helped with the needed alternator swap and also Street Eliminator Chairman Ben Barnwell for the pushing of the car and start line help. I'd also like to thank my dad Dave for the support and for a mercy dash back to 50 Shades HQ for picking up a spare alternator, and also Tom Atkinson for NOT crashing my caravan into a fence, if only the same could be said for Kirstie's.  
I'd also like to thank our sponsors for this season, Hutchinson and Dibley Ltd - CNC Precision Engineering ( Tel: 01628 530448) and V8UK - V8s in the UK (